Our Programs are Aligned with Our Mission

Develop Business and Education Partnerships

  • Partnership to Advance School Success (PASS©)

    Principal mentorship program that teams a CEO, a committed principal, and an education coach to infuse business strategies into school improvement operations.

  • Executive PASS©

    Business leader and Principal work together on school improvement using elements and strategies of the PASS model. No formal financial commitment is required.

    Lawyers' Alliance

    Attorneys partner with public schools, work directly with students and teachers, promote the value of education, and share their expertise.

  • Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children

    The Council works with the Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children by nominating schools for their annual award and acting as the fiscal agent for the award.

Prepare and Empower School Leaders

  • Florida Leadership Academy©

    Weeklong, interactive opportunity for educators to develop leadership, learning from experts in private, corporate, and military sectors.

        Leadership Academy

    Commissioner's Leadership Academy

    Commissioner of Education tapped the Council to design, develop and deliver an Academy for 25 of the highest performing principals in the state.  The goal is to build upon their strengths and sustained successes that have produced results with students. They will then be available to the districts and/or the FDOE as a resource to build capacity at the local and state levels. They will assist colleagues in the implementation and delivery of Common Core State Standards and build upon their leadership and professional skills that drive student academic achievement.

  • New/Beginning Teacher Development & Retention Programs

    The Council’s new teacher programs have been models of best practices in the development and retention of new teachers.  Over the last seven years, approximately 97% of the new teachers in the programs were retained, exceeding the state and national averages.   Among the program funders…Helios Education Foundation, Wal-Mart Foundation/State Giving Council, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, and the Wachovia Foundation

  • SP SnapShot™

    SP SnapShot™, the Council's latest data tool developed in partnership with Etraffic Solutions, gives detailed analysis and information about achievement, school-by-school, student-by-student, teacher-by teacher throughout the nation.

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Address Critical Issues in Education

  • Public Policy and Planning

    Public policy focus area that advocates for comprehensive and systemic educational improvement, responsive to current and emerging educational needs.

  • Research and Development

    Operation that creates and expands successful programs for widespread use, based on "lessons learned" from the Annenberg Challenge and Council programs.


  • Accelerated School Administrator Program© (Principals)

    Competency-based, individualized, on-line program that develops candidates into highly qualified principals using mentors, technology and group experiences.

  • Accelerated School Administrator Program© (Teachers)

    State-of the art, on-line learning modules that target skills and content required by today's teachers.

  • Florida School Report©

    Statewide online school performance tool, that compares similar schools, using standardized testing, with a best practices component to generate school improvement.

  • Leader to Leader

    Funded by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Council is implementing the Leader-to-Leader: Sharing Successful Business Practices initiative in 18 schools in Miami-Dade County.

    Principal Portal©

    Online program providing useful, comprehensive information, development modules, and networking opportunities.