October 2011 Update

October 7, 2011

Statewide Conversation — a Tremendous Success:

In partnership with the Florida Department of Education, CEPA-TaxWatch and funded by JPMorgan Chase, the Council for Educational Change sponsored a statewide conversation regarding the current “hot topic” of implementing results-based, high performance principal standards in Florida. With the passage of Senate Bill 736, performance based pay became a reality in the state. While few would disagree on the importance of this legislation, implementation is a difficult problem confronting the 67 school districts, with the probability of 72 different plans being submitted to the FLDOE.

The September 23rd meeting in Tallahassee brought together all of the stakeholders for a day-long discussion of best practices, how to differentiate performance, and how to measure the performance of high performing principals within a school district. Participating were representatives of business, the FLDOE, legislators, higher education, district level administrators, teachers, and principals. Senator Stephen Wise, sponsor of Senate Bill 736, explained the legislation, and spent the entire day as a participant in the small group discussions.


  • Dr. Sharon Lewis, Principal of Lakeview Elementary School received the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's National Recognition Award. This prestigious award recognizes schools for creating healthy environments that make long-lasting impressions on America's youth.
  • Gene Marshall, Board Chair for the Council was selected as a winner of the Local Hero Award by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. The award comes with a $5,000 prize which he has said will be donated to the Council to support its important work. The award was given in recognition of the time and energy Mr. Marshall gives to make Florida a better place to live for all of us.
  • The Council for Educational Change was honored by the Superintendent and School Board of Miami-Dade County at its September meeting. The honor was bestowed for contributions made to the district and the tremendous amount of resources that have been brought to the district as a result of this partnership.

2011 Leonard Miller Principal Leadership Award:
Applications are now closed for the 9th Annual 2011 Leonard Miller Principal Leadership Award with a cash prize of $10,000. The Gold Medallion Finalists and Grand Prize Winner will be announced at a special event on November 17th at the University of Miami’s Newman Alumni Center. Visit our website, www.changeeducation.org, for updates on this prestigious award.


Executive PASS©:

  • The Executive PASS partnership at Miami Beach Senior High, Dr. Rosann Sidener, principal and Roberto Bravo, RGB Group, Inc. has been a resounding success. This summer, four students were offered internships at RGB Group. At the conclusion of the internship, Cori Galvin, one of the interns, was hired in a full-time position.
  • Congratulations and welcome to our new Executive PASS partnerships:
    • Natural Bridge Elementary — Principal Frank MacBride, Jr. and business partner Dao Jun Hauptman of John Hancock Financial Network;
    • Felix Verela Senior High — Principal Nery Fins and business partner Ozzie Delgado of John Hancock Financial Network;
    • Rockway Middle — Principal Melanie Megias and business partner Eddie Martinez of MCM;
    • Ben Sheppard Elementary — Principal Dr. Eduardo Tagle and business partner Roy Perez of John Hancock Financial Network;
    • Young Men's Preparatory Academy — Principal Leonard Ruan and business partner Cristina Blanco Kulisic of Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust;
    • David Lawrence K-8 Center — Principal Bernie Osborn, and business partner Dao Jun Hauptman of John Hancock Financial Network;
    • Riviera Middle — Principal Dr. Winston Whyte and business partner Eddy Barea of Ibiley Uniforms;
    • Doral Middle — Principal Marie Caceres and business partners Eddy Barea of Ibiley Uniforms and Tom Eriksen and Bill Meredith from Covanta Energy;
    • Miami Norland Senior — Principal Luis Solano and business partner Rhonda Wimberly of Turner Construction;
    • Jose de Diego Middle — Principal Yaset Fernandez and business partner David Lombardi of Lombardi Properties;
    • Southwest Miami Senior High — Principal Carlos Diaz and business partner Ozzie Delgado of John Hancock Financial Network.

Leader to Leader:
Palm Springs North Elementary School in Miami-Dade County was host to its first Grandparents' Day Breakfast on September 13th and 14th. Over 600 grandparents, along with their grandchildren, were treated to pancakes with multiple toppings, fresh fruit, and coffee or juices.  Grandparents flew into town from as far away as Brazil and California for this awesome event and the opportunity to spend quality time with their grandchildren at the school site.  Pedro Lopez, General Manager at the local IHOP and the school's partner, sponsored the event along with support from Publix Super Markets and Costco.  Principal Maribel Dotres was elated with the outpouring of support and announced that it will be an annual event. Congratulations to Palm Spring North for extending the outreach for support throughout the country!


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