Lawyers Go Back to School

September 18, 2014



The law firm of Gray Robinson recently hosted an event for the Lawyers’ Alliance, which is a partnership developed through the Council for Educational Change. Lawyers have the opportunity to interact directly with students to help them become knowledgeable about the legal system.

The Council connects business executives with local school leaders to improve performance in public schools. Since its inception, the Lawyers’ Alliance members successfully delivered presentations and hosted court visits for numerous schools.

Attorneys from Gray Robinson, David B. Haber P.A., Wargo French, and Weiss Serota, among others, attended the function.   Council President and Executive Director Dr. Elaine Liftin spoke at the event and highlighted the benefits of engaging these business leaders with the public schools.

Alan Fertel, a lawyer who specializes in Entertainment and Sports Law, commented that his recent lecture regarding the legal issues facing professional athletes was extremely rewarding. “The kids were mesmerized,” Fertel recounted. The Lawyers’ Alliance Chairman, Roger Slade, explained that we need to increase the participation of Florida lawyers in the program. “A lawyer can really make the difference in the life of a child. Lawyers need to lead by example and promote the value of education.” Slade explained. It is a win-win for everyone…

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