WHO Are We?

  • Florida's most innovative and successful educational improvement organization
  • Powerful change agent and catalyst
  • Educational Think Tank

WHAT Do We Do?

  • Build partnerships between businesses and schools
  • Design programs to prepare and empower school leaders
  • Conduct research and address critical issues
  • Help train and retain new teachers
  • Develop teacher leaders

WHY Do We Do It?

  • Improve academic performance of children
  • Strengthen leadership at the school site
  • Improve relationships between business and school leaders
  • Help ensure that every child has access to a quality education

WHERE Do We Impact?

Serving Florida's:

  • 1,250,000+ students
  • 4,800+ school-based leaders
  • 30,0000+ teachers
  • 67 districts
  • Significant numbers of free/reduced lunch eligible students