Donate to the Council

You can make a difference

A gift to the Council for Educational Change will…

  • Support New Teachers
  • Provide Leadership Skills to Empower Principals and Assistant Principals
  • Provide Data Tools and training to target student progress
  • Reward and Recognize Outstanding Leadership
  • Fund Executive Mentoring Programs
  • Support Public Policy
  • Support ALL Council for Educational Change Programs

By supporting Council educational programs today, you support tomorrow’s citizens and workforce…

Our future is in your hands!!

  • 80% of All Donations Go Directly to Support Council Programs
  • 75% of Council program schools are socio-economically disadvantaged
  • 91% of students in Council program participant schools achieved academic gains
  • 97% teacher retention rate of participants in the Council Teacher Retention Initiative

If every child can get a quality education…
every child can succeed!!!

Leonard Miller - Founder